48H Maisons de Mode PART I

Hello girls, what’s up? Last week, I went to a great event in Lille called 48H Maisons de Mode, MdM is a fashion label who introduce new designers from France & Belgium. And at this event they were all present to show us their collections, we also had the chance to enjoy a Nail bar,  Ephemeral Tattoos, braids bar, … I discovered awesome talents and i wanted to share them here on the blog because they totally worth it! So here is an overload of photos but sorry i had to!!! The second part will be on the blog soon, so stay tuned.

Hello les filles, quoi de neuf? La semaine dernière, j’ai participé à un super événement à Lille : Les 48H Maisons de Mode! Maisons de Mode, c’est un super label de mode qui met en avant des talents de France et de Belgique! J’ai ainsi eu l’occasion de découvrir les différentes collections des créateurs présents! Et pour tout vous dire, ce fut un énorme coup de cœur! J’ai découvert des tas de nouvelles marques, toutes aussi cool les unes que les autres. Voilà, c’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai décidé de partager tous ces super créateurs sur le blog, et ce post va donc faire 10 km de long, désolée d’avance! Il fallait que je partage tout ça! La deuxième partie sera en ligne très vite!
Bisous Bisous



Alina Marti, winner of the ELLE BE price!
Congrats for the super collection I loved it! Watch it here

Clivia Nobili was one of my big crush of the day! She’s working with work clothes and turn them into amaaazing fashion pieces, I would love to wear these clothes everyday!
Find the stuff here

Constance L – Jewelry, oh gosh! I loved everything. I am such crazy
about jewelry and this brand is totally my type!

10% off with the code FREE until November 5th 

Georgette Lingerie, so sexy! Wow, how divine are these pieces? Big love. Just here

Gisele B, jewels again. And what jewels!! Those ones are more than beautiful with gems!  Truly, my fav is the necklace in the 2nd picture with the gemstones ! Big love

Inari, really nice collection! I loved the colors, the fabrics, … Seriously watch out this brand because it is something really cool! Click here to discover her world!

Babes, stay tuned for the Part II very soon!

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